Tarot: Astrology Reading | Digital PDF


Tarot: Astrology Reading | Digital PDF


The guidance of the tarot meets the wisdom of the stars...

A Tarot Astrology Reading is a 12-card spread (one card for each house of the zodiac) designed to give you a deep and detailed understanding of the primary forces influencing your life right now.

Because each astrological house represents a different facet of our lives, this style of reading provides extensive insight into our deepest self, relationships, career & life purpose.

Your power always lies in the present moment. By gaining awareness into the conscious and subconscious aspects impacting you presently, you can move forward and make changes from a place of clarity and confidence.

The 12 Astrological Houses

1st House | Aries | The Self - Physical body, appearance, vitality, identity, sense of self & the immediate impression you make on others.

2nd House | Taurus | Personal Resources - Shows what you consider valuable, including money, personal possessions, resources, earning ability, and your identification with what you own.

3rd House | Gemini | Near Environment - Covers 3 areas that together represent normal daily life: routine communications, community involvement and short distance travel.

4th House | Cancer | Roots - Represents the foundation of your life -- home, family, parents (especially mom), tradition, heritage, the past, your homeland.

5th House | Leo | Self-Expression - Creativity, self-expression, artistic endeavors, romantic relationships, hobbies, and children.

6th House | Virgo | Health & Service - Nutrition, exercise, the link between work and health. Daily work, chores, duties, job-oriented relationships, service to others, capacity for self-sacrifice.

7th House | Libra | One-on-One Relationships - Marriage & partnerships, all one-on-one relationships including business, personal and with known enemies.

8th House | Scorpio | Transformation - The past, transformative change, death (the end of something old so something new can emerge), other people's resources and you're being affected.

9th House | Sagittarius | Higher Knowledge - Higher mind, philosophy, religion, spirituality, the law, advanced education, long distance travel. Shows your search for meaning and how you expand your horizons and knowledge.

10th House | Capricorn | Life Task: Social or professional status, career, public image, parents (especially dad), authority, responsibility, honor, reputation.

11th House | Aquarius | Friendships: Friends, groups you're affiliated with, goals, hopes and wishes.

12th House | Pisces | The Hidden Realm: That which is hidden or not yet revealed including dreams and fantasies,  talents, fears, weaknesses and secrets.

How it works...

Once you place your order, I complete your reading. All readings are done using the Star Child Tarot deck. I smudge the deck and meditate prior to beginning so I can increase my vibration and become a clear and open channel for your messages.

As I interpret the cards, I transcribe my intuitive thoughts, feelings + impressions into a PDF document for you. I also photography your reading so you can connect visually with the cards in your spread.

Your reading will be sent to the email address you provide at check-out within 3 business days of being received.

Due to the nature of this work and the time and energy it takes to craft a reading, refunds are not available. Please make a thoughtful decision prior to purchase.