Prosperity Clarity Digital Workshop

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Prosperity Clarity Digital Workshop


Do you want to feel confident and in control when it comes to money?

Like you truly have what it takes to manifest and create the life you want?

Our relationship with our finances is connected to so much more than our job or the economy.

Money is energy.

Our capacity to earn, manage and cultivate wealth is a reflection of the state of our mind, body + spirit.

This 3 part online workshop will teach you how to...

Cultivate A Strong Money Mindset. Thoughts create things. Learn how by strengthening your mind prosperity becomes possible.

Release Your Blocks To Abundance. Let go of the patterns and negative beliefs that are sabotaging your financial success.

Create A Game Plan for Your Financial Success. Get crystal clear on your long-term vision, short-term goals and the immediate right next steps to make ‘em happen.

Money? Yep. It brings up a lot for people.

From fear and self-doubt, to pride and shame -- all kinds of emotions get stirred up when we start to examine our relationship with money. What we choose do with these emotions can sabotage or empower our ability to experience abundance.

I created this workshop because I know that money matters. Prosperity gives us the freedom to make empowered choices about how we live our lives --  from the food we eat, to places we travel, to the work we do in the world.

Through coaching dozens of women and my own personal journey I’ve learned that the abundance we experience in our outer lives is directly connected to our inner being. When you commit to creating change in your relationship to money -- change happens.

This digital workshop is broken down into 3 sessions that are 90 minutes each.

Session # 1: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude + Cultivating Strong Money Mindset

Session # 2: How To Recognize Financial Self-Sabotage +  Clear Your Abundance Blocks

Session # 3: Getting Clear on Your Money Vision + Creating Your Prosperity Action Plan

Each session features a 90 minute video (recorded live) and workshop slides. You also get a Prosperity Clarity Workbook with exercises, journal prompts and coaching questions to keep you on track and taking action.


A link to access the workshop materials will be emailed to you upon completing your purchase. Once you open link you'll have 24 hours to download the materials.


REFUND POLICY: please note due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available. Please take the time to make a thoughtful decision before purchasing. Thank you.


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