"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Everyone should work with a great coach at least once in their lives. I genuinely believe that. No other relationship holds the potential for radical growth and transformation, like a coaching relationship.

I will be the very first to admit that I’m not for everyone. I don’t try to be.

My coaching style is rooted deeply in spirituality, metaphysics and magic.

My clients are conscious women on a path of awakening.

My process is deep and lasting (I don’t do quick fixes).


My intention through this work is to is to reconnect you to the infinite source of spiritual power that is available to you right now and always, so that you can heal and create the life you truly desire to live.



Some of the areas that we can focus on in our coaching work:


Intuitive Development & Spiritual Growth

Activate your intuitive abilities; cultivate relationships with your spirit guides; tap into your power and discover your unique purpose in the world at this time.


Conscious Relationships & Soul Mate INNER PREP

Deepen your connection to your current partner or come into alignment to attract a soul partner. Learn the importance of boundaries, clear communication, sexuality and embodying the divine masculine & feminine in your relationship.


Body Journeying & Metaphysical Anatomy

Uncover the emotional patterns and belief systems behind your body’s aches, pains & weight gain. Discover the power of the chakra system. Heal your body and the relationship you have with it.


Shamanic Healing | Soul & Power Animal Retrieval

Discover your power animal(s) and begin cultivating a relationship with your guides. Heal from childhood wounds and trauma. Expand your capacity to receive spiritual power and guidance from the universe.


Becoming Your Own Boss & Creating a Fulfilling Career

Develop a strong money mindset, get crystal clear on all things business, take aligned action to manifest a career that fills you and your bank account right up.



You’re here right now for a powerful reason. There is no such thing as the “perfect time” to start living like you mean it. A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.

what are you waiting for?


I would love to work with you if you resonate with any of the following:


You feel called to deepen your connection to spirit and mother earth. You’ve heard words like “shamanism,” “spirit guides,” “tarot cards,” and “chakras” but aren’t really sure what it all means or where to begin.


You’re ready to truly feel at home in your body. You’re done with diets and punishing workouts. Instead, you want to heal and feel genuinely beautiful in your own skin. You’re ready to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see.


You really want to be your own boss and create a career that fulfills both your soul and your bank account. The 9-5 is so not your jam! You’re ready to shake those limiting beliefs loose and power up your money mindset.


You’re in a serious relationship or you’re ready for one. You’re curious about conscious relationships, soul mates, twin flames and what it means to embody the divine feminine and masculine.


You get that real results come from showing up and doing the work. You understand the importance and value of investing in yourself and are committed to your potential and your path.


Do you feel a part of your being lighting up?

Can you hear your intuition calling to you?

Then sister, really, what are you waiting for!?

Let’s set up a clarity call and explore if working together is right next move for you.


What you’ll receive when you work with me:


⏃ Two 60 minute coaching sessions per month(3 month minimum commitment)

⏃ One 75 minute Intuitive Tarot Reading

⏃ Unlimited email support between sessions

⏃ All of the spiritual tools and resources I’ve absorbed over the past decade

⏃ A revolutionary new way of thinking & being in the world

⏃ My unconditional presence, love, encouragement and support.  I’ll have your back 100%.


If you’re ready to take next step toward living high-vibe, empowered, free-spirited, abundant life, then I would love to work with you.


Use the form below to set up a complimentary clarity call. This 30 minute consultation call is a chance for us to get to know each other better and decide if working together is a good fit! If it doesn’t feel right, no biggie! I might not be the best coach for you at this time and that’s alllll good.