What is an intuitive reading?

As an intuitive empath, I tap into your energy field to receive insights about your life and present situation. Using a combination of oracle/tarot cards, telepathy and energy healing, I'm able to connect to your higher self and spirit guides who communicate with me mainly through clairsentience and claircognizance (clear feeling & knowing). I share this guidance with you over the phone, Facetime or on Skype. You're welcome to record the session.

What can an intuitive reading help me with?

  • Guidance on how to manifest your dreams & clarity around the next steps to take
  • How to move forward and get unstuck in life or business
  • Healing childhood wounds and releasing past resentment
  • Finding love and creating meaningful relationships
  • Clarity around your career and life purpose
  • Pretty much anything!

How it works?

Book your reading using the scheduler below.

Once you've booked your session, you'll receive an email confirmation. When the date / time for your session rolls up, I'll give you a call at the number / Skype name you provided. Sessions can be done over the phone or via Skype audio or video.

Before we connect I recommend taking a few minutes to meditate and get still. If there are any specific guides or deceased loved ones you'd like to connect with, invite them in. I can't guarantee that they'll come through, but setting the intention to connect to their energy helps. If you're looking for specific guidance, take the time to formulate clear open-ended questions. Also make sure you're in a quiet space and alone during the reading.

Sessions are guided by your intention and the universe. I use a variety of tools in my intuitive readings: telepathy, reiki, tarot/oracle cards, and speak candidly and unfiltered about the impressions and message I receive. You're welcome to record the session.


My intuitive readings are $150 CDN and usually about 75 minutes long. They take place over Skype, Facetime or the phone.

If you live in London, Ontario and would like to book an in-person reading at my home, you can do that.

TO book a reading. . .

Contact me using the form below or email me at alex@truenorthlifedesign.co to schedule your reading.