What would feel like a miracle in your new age business right now?

The clarity to move forward and actually get your next project launched? The confidence to finally come out of the broom closet and share more of your magic on social media? The courage to charge your worth and earn great money? 

I know what it feels like to be a sensitive soul running a new age business.

Without support it can be so easy to...

  • Let fear and self-doubt keep us frozen on the spot.
  • Overthink and question literally everything.
  • Worry incessantly about what others will think.
  • Compare ourselves to other women like crazy..
  • Become so hard on ourselves that we totally wonder why we even started our business in the first place...

These negative thought processes, limiting beliefs and low-vibe habits keep us stuck. They take our power, steal our joy and prevent us from sharing our creative light with the world.

The good news?! We can absolutely transcend these beliefs and create a business that sustains financially, creatively and spiritually. Through self-love & acceptance, a solid vision, clearly defined goals & targets, a connection to source & inspiration, action and accountability... you can make even your wildest ideas into a reality. 

If you're a new age creator (think: healers, artists, coaches, mystics, intuitives, designers) and you're feeling called to expand your business this year, fill out the application below to explore if working 1-1 together is a good fit for you and your business.

Details + Investment

Coaching with me is a 6 month (12 session) commitment.

Sessions happen over the phone or on Skype twice per month + are 60 minutes long.

Growth + evolution happen between calls, you'll have action steps & 'homework' each week. I send you a follow-up notes following every call.

You have support & access to me via email + text between sessions for the entire 6 months we work together.

Investment: $2,400 CDN / or approx $1,800 USD

Payment Plan is available @ $440 CDN per month/ or appox $330 USD per month

Intuitive Business Coaching Application

Please take a few minutes to fill out this application form. Only I read these forms so please be honest, open + as detailed as you're comfortable! This helps me to go know you and get a sense of whether my style of coaching will support you at this point in your business journey.

Name *
In addition to our coaching calls you can expect to be spending time and energy on inner work and taking action in your business. Sustainable growth takes commitment which is why business coaching with me is a 6 month commitment.