Without a clear vision, you’re lost.  If you don’t have a target towards which to direct your energy, you’re ineffective. You’ll feel scattered and struggle to build the momentum you need to get your ideas off the ground.

While most of us are familiar with goal setting, we tend to set goals that are externally oriented – meaning we set targets based on what others (friends, family, society & culture) expect of us.  We unconsciously dedicate our life to somebody else’s’ agenda. Then struggle to manifest our desires because we don’t truly want we think we want.

Only a few of us ever do the deep inner work to uncover what it is that we truly desire.

  •       Develop a deep understanding of what you desire & why (short-term & long-term)
  •       Set goals that align with your higher vision
  •       Create & take action steps to move your forward



We all have an inner compass, a North Star that’s guiding us 24/7. The problem is many of us spend our lives so distracted that we’re unable to connect to our intuition.

If we can’t hear or feel our inner voice, we’re lost and at the mercy of our ego. We feel as though life is happening TO us. We point the finger, blaming others for our circumstances, giving our power away.

  • Deepen your connection to your intuition through tools like meditation, free-writing, tarot & oracle cards, rituals and energy work
  • Open your Third Eye to tap into synchronicity & subconscious patterns
  • Develop a relationship with your spirit guides, ancestors + power animals
  • Learn to understand your chakras + read energy



Certain laws and principals govern our universe, like the Law of Attraction.  So why not use them to our advantage? By understanding and leveraging these principals, we’re able to manifest our desires and co-create our life with greater ease and effectiveness. In other words: we find our flow.

  • Gain confidence in your understanding of the universal laws
  • Create strategies + practices that allow you to leverage these laws
  • Feel fully supported by this universe and empowered to achieve your desires



Our thoughts create things. Everything we experience in our physical life began as an idea or belief that we first held in our mind. By focusing our mind on the circumstances and opportunities we’d like to attract, we attune ourselves to the frequency of those experiences drawing them towards us.

  • Become an expert in how your specific mind thinks
  • Create an effective positive focus practice that work for you
  • Strengthen your manifestation muscles and create the life you desire



There are bumps along every path. Even if you combine all of the tools and processes I’ve mentioned above, you will hit roadblocks. That’s because you’re a human being. And as a human being, you’ve got triggers. These triggers are rooted in trauma, often from childhood, that is stored in our body.

This stored trauma is what’s behind our resistance, fear, self-doubt and the rest of the negative emotions that tend to surface when we commit to change.

When we experience negative emotion it’s easy to feel like there’s something wrong with us. That we’re not “doing it right.” When it’s really the opposite that’s true. Your negative emotions surface to guide you to the root of your trauma. They serve your growth.

Processing our emotions through shadow work is the most powerful catalyst when it comes to creating change. Your shadow is essentially all of the unconscious aspects of yourself you’ve disowned – what you don’t know, you don’t’ know so to speak.

Without emotional processing and shadow work, we remain stuck in our current cycle, doomed to repeat the same patterns over and over again. Through releasing this stored trauma, we are able to break free. 

  • Dive into your subconscious shadow to heal + release stored trauma in a safe space
  • Learn to accept negative emotion and understand its hidden benefit
  • Discover how to process and move through negative emotions in-the-moment so that you can feel better faster