The Top 3 Money Blocks Millennial Women Stuggle With & How To Clear ‘Em

If my journey has taught me anything, it’s that money truly is energy.

Everything is energy.

Our ability to experience abundance and prosperity has nothing to do with the economy, our level of education or family wealth, and everything to do with what we believe in and where we place our faith.

This world is full of self-made millionaires who started their careers on the verge of homelessness, and trust fund babies born into penthouses in the sky who went on to squander their family fortune.

We live in a world of limitless resources and possibilities. What you choose to do with the infinite abundance of opportunity that exists in your lifetime is exactly that: a choice.

You are the creator of your life experience.

And what you decide to create begins with the thoughts you choose to think. Your mind is literally illustrating the experience you will have in the not so distant future.

How? Your thoughts create feelings and emotions, which in turn influence your behavior and action.

So affirming how broke you are, complaining about how you never have enough and blaming the economy, job market, or the president for your financial struggles, is a waste of your energy and your power – and is exactly the style of thinking that’s responsible for your money woes.

What you focus on expands.

Directing your energy towards how little you have, creates less.

Flipping your perspective and choosing to see and appreciate what you do have, however, creates more.

(And hey, the fact that you’re even reading this post means you’ve got a computer, tablet or smart phone so things can’t be so bad dear sister!)

Getting honest with yourself and looking at the specific limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of scarcity is the first step to breaking the cycle and getting aligned with the prosperity and abundance that you were born to experience.

Below you’ll find 3 of the most common money blocks I’ve seen show up over and over again with my millennial friends and clients,  as well some practical advice for how to begin to clear them.

I dive into this deeper in my online workshop Prosperity Clarity.



1.    I’m not enough.

When I began to work on my money mindset, this is the limiting belief that caused me the most trouble. And it’s the one that I have to work on the most to keep at bay.

Insert whatever word applies most to you right now:

I’m not __________________enough.

Smart enough? Pretty enough? Disciplined enough? Popular enough? Good enough? Educated enough? Wealthy enough? Worthy enough? Funny enough? Committed enough? Experienced enough?

This limiting belief stops us in our tracks before we even start taking action on our ideas or inspiration.

For example: We see a friend putting herself out there and starting her own business, we feel inspired to do something similar. Our eyes light up, we get excited! Then all of a sudden the mental self-sabotage starts…

“Oh, you know what I’m not hardworking enough to start my own business….”

And so we never do.

Or we see an amazing retreat we’d love to attend. It speaks to us and we feel called to be there, but then we realize, “I’m not wealthy enough to make it happen....”

And so we never go.

Everything starts and ends in our mind. When we act on our limiting beliefs, we’ve defeated ourselves before we’ve even given ourselves a chance to try.

Remember this planet has infinite possibilities and opportunities, and God doesn’t give us dreams we can’t fulfill.

Take a second now to imagine everything this nagging little limiting belief has kept you from doing. . .

Applying for your dream job? Making the first move with that guy you really like? Starting that blog or that business you’ve been dreaming of?

Actions you stopped taking because of a thought. A thought that isn’t even true!

Because you know what I know to be true about you beautiful?

It’s that you are SO enough. You are perfect. You are a divine being with infinite power and potential. A flawless creature of God. There is nothing in this world you can’t handle or make happen.

The fear and insecurity you feel is simply an illusion. A lie that somewhere along your path you mistook for truth because of the fear-based conditioning you received on this planet.

So let’s work to dissolve this belief shall we? It’s about time you took your power back sister. It’s time you honored your truth and let your glorious light shine.


Here are 3 powerful exercises to help you shift this believe:

1.     Take an inventory of your negative thoughts rooted in this belief and work to understand your patterns. We can’t change a pattern we don’t know exists. Some prompts to help you here…

When was the last time you felt not __________ enough?

What triggered this response? How did it feel? Where in your body did you feel it?

What actions did this belief cause you to take or not take? Who did this action/inaction impact you? How did it impact others?

What might’ve been possible for you had this belief not been present? How would this have impacted you? How would it have impacted others?

What are you noticing as you answer these questions?

2.     Message 25 people who love and care about you (friends, family, coworkers etc…) and ask them to reply back with what they feel your top 3 strengths are. You’ll be amazed at the potential others see in you. Save these messages and read them on the days you're tempted to doubt your glorious self.

3.     Affirm you ARE enough. Look at yourself in the eyes every single morning and tell yourself, “I love you. Everything is perfect. I am enough.” Mirror work is incredibly powerful. It can make us feel squeamish and awkward at first, that’s totally normal and a sign that you’ve got some inner work to do. Commit to this practice for 21 days and you will experience miracles.



2.    I don’t know how… money is complicated.

 We don’t know what we don’t know and that can be a scary thought for a lot of people – especially when it comes to money.

Personal finance is not something that’s taught in school (though in my opinion it DEFINITELY should be) so most of us rely on family, friends and professionals to help us navigate our money.

And if we didn’t grow up with great financial teachers, as an adult figuring all of it can feel scary and intimidating. And our fear of looking stupid often keeps us from asking for help. So we stay in the dark unsure of how or where to start.

Complexity = paralysis. When we’re unclear on what we need to do next, we freeze.

And if we’re frozen we can’t take the action required to create the result we want.

The key to clearing this block is two-fold: compassion and clarity.

On compassion… We need to be extra kind to ourselves. If we beat ourselves up or focus on everything we could’ve or should’ve done differently, we sabotage ourselves. We can’t take positive action with a negative mindset.

Remember our thoughts create our life experiences. If we focus on our perceived mistakes, we’ll attract more situations that lead to us repeating them. If we forgive ourselves and cultivate an attitude of compassion as we move forward, it’s easier to take positive action.

On clarity… Getting clear on what we need to next is our super power as human beings. When we’re overwhelmed, we’re stuck. So think in baby steps.

What is one tiny thing you can do today to improve your relationship with money?

Check your bank account balance? Call a financial planner? Start a spreadsheet to track your income + expenses?

Starting small is how we make big change happen.

Books are written word by word.

Homes are build brick by brick.

Movies are shot frame by frame.

It’s the culmination of hundreds of tiny steps that leads to the creation of everything.

Commit to taking one small action step every day and think of where you’ll be a year from now?



3.    I’ll figure it out later.

 In my early twenties I was super guilty of buying into this belief.

I thought that money was the kind of thing that would “figure it self out” as I got older and wiser. Haha, nope. It actually got messier, harder and wayyyy more complicated.

Every year of your life brings about new responsibilities. And if you don’t consciously make a decision to show-up for your money NOW, you’ll pay for it later – literally.

If you’ve been avoiding your finances chances are you’re also struggling with one or likely both of the limiting beliefs I outlined above. Working to shift those will help empower you to take action along with working through the questions below.

What do you intuitively feel is holding you back from taking action with your money?

What is it that you’re scared will happen if you commit to “figuring it out” now?

What is it that you’re scared will happen if you DO NOT commit to “figuring it out” now?

How might getting real with your money and working to create a positive financial change benefit you now? How might it benefit others?

What is one tiny step you can take today, even in the next 5 minutes, that will help move your forward in terms of your relationship with money?


I hope insights into these blocks and exercises help you on your journey to create a more positive relationship with money! If you're inspired to take this work deeper, you can grab my workshop Prosperity Clarity here.

Just love,