Why I'm "Detoxing" This December

2015 was a wild year.

But to be honest, I went into December feeling a little bummed. I couldn’t believe how fast this year flew by. It felt like I had so many things left to do, so many accomplishments to achieve and goals to reach, that I had to go into overdrive to get ‘em all done.

I felt a little panicky, like I ABSOLUTELY HAD to make these things happen STAT.

But focusing on that felt really overwhelming and really stressed me out. So instead of throwing myself into overdrive I put the brakes on FULL STOP.

I decided instead to dedicate December to detoxing.

Not physically…. that would be INSANE as the holidays truly are “the most wonderful time of the year” for a foodie like me.

But, mentally and emotionally, detoxing. Taking stock of my life and my business to get clear on what I wanted to carry forward with me into 2016, and what I was ready to leave behind.

I’ve spent the past two weeks looking closely at my life, getting all kinds of REAL with myself. Asking the tough questions. Getting clear on what’s working and what’s not. Tying up loose ends. Letting things go. Releasing. Reconnecting. Getting closer and closer to my truth.

When we’re focusing on all of the things we “should” or “could” be doing, we forget how far we’ve come and lose sight of all of the badass, awesome things we’ve made and are making happen.

Taking stock of 2015 transformed my anxiety into pride. I realized that even though I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do, I’d sure done a damn lot this year. And that felt realllllly good.

In 2015, I…

  • Became a certified life coach and launched my beautiful business, True North Life Design.
  • Had the privilege of coaching dozens of amazing women, inspiring them to live up to their highest potential and co-create the life they truly desire.
  • OWNED my finances. I got real with my money, hired a financial coach and set my self up for radical abundance. Best. Investment. Ever.
  • Hosted stellar workshops and events with big name brands like lululemon and Kit + Ace.
  • Traveled to South America for the first time, that’s 5/6 continents baby! And spent an amazing two weeks exploring Argentina and Uruguay with the love of my life.
  • Got my first tattoo! I’ll be revealing and writing about it shortly.
  • Began a daily meditation practice and stuck with it all year! I believe my meditation and spiritual practice has created such a solid foundation in my life I can’t imagine living a day without it.
  • Wrote my first book! Well… e-book. But I’m still so proud! I’ll be revealing it to you all soon!
  • Created the True North Tribe a virtual group for modern free spirits. Come join us!

I’m not listing these accomplishments to brag or make you feel small. In fact, my intention is quite the opposite.

One year ago, I was LOST. And I really mean that. I had just quit what I thought was my “dream job” after an exhausting six months of struggles. I spent December 2014 hustling holiday retail and studying my life coaching courses online. My business was still just a dream, my website wasn’t anywhere near ready, I couldn’t even imagine clients paying me for my work.

I was chalk full of limiting beliefs and fear, but I did it! And that means YOU CAN TOO.

At the beginning of this month I literally believed I’d done almost nothing all year. Nothing!? It was crazy self-sabotaging talk. But after some solid reflection time, a little Desire Mapping and some meditation, I realized I’d done a whole freakin’ lot and it was just my ego trying to keep me feeling small.

Thanks to my detox I feel CONFIDENT, PSYCHED, and SO FREAKIN’ READY to take on 2016 and make it one of the wildest, brightest and transformational years of my life – EVER.

And that panicky, overwhelmed chick who was feeling all low-vibe on December 1st? She’s been replaced.

My advice to you: go slowwwww this holiday season.

Spend some time reflecting on all of the epic stuff you’ve made happen this year. Maybe you made a big move? Started a new job? Entered a new relationship? Stuck with a new workout? Made some rad new friends? Celebrate that shizzle!

Instead of a to-do list make a DONE list. And don’t hold back. Acknowledging your accomplishments (big and small) with an attitude of gratitude fuels your future dreams.

Do this BEFORE you create your New Years resolutions and soul goals for 2016 and you will hit the ground RUNNING in January.

Happy Holidays beauties! I am SO grateful you’ve invited me into your life this year.

With SO much love + light,


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