Brain Games: power, creation + choice

Watercolour by artologica on Etsy. 

Watercolour by artologica on Etsy. 

I’m writing you today with a reminder.


A really, really important, transformative, potentially life-altering reminder, that has the ability to turn all of your problems into dust should you choose to put it into practice.


Give me the next 10-ish minutes of your beautiful life to explain and I promise you’ll walk away a little more enlightened and a lot more powerful.


Ok, ready? Here it goes…


I’m here to remind you that you create your life.


All. Of. It.


Not one thing that’s happened to you today is by accident or because of somebody else. No matter how much you want to blame your mood on the weather, or the fight you just had with your boyfriend on his laziness, it’s all you. 


Now, if you’re looking around at your life and not totally loving what you see, I’m not here to try to make you feel bad, or shitty about your inability to create what you want. Not at all, the opposite in fact.


So if that thought just popped into your head, keep reading.


I’m here to wake you up to the fact that you are a fucking wizard! You are powerful beyond measure. What you’re capable of as a human being on this planet in 2016 is unbelievable. But so few of us realize that.


You see, as human beings we have a part of our brain called the neo-cortex. It’s exclusive to us, and is what allows us to think ahead, plan and create our lives. We get an idea, we visualize how we’ll make it happen, we do the work, it happens.  


For example: you’re craving lasagna and think to yourself, “I’m going to make myself some home-made Italian tonight.” There’s your idea. Then you shift into planning. You go on Pinterest, save a recipe and make a plan to grab the ingredients on the way home. Next you follow the recipe and actually make the lasagna.


A few hours later, you’re indulging in heavenly homemade lasagna.


Ba-da boom ba-da bing.



A squirrel can’t make lasagna from scratch.

A golden retriever can’t make lasagna from scratch.

Even a super-intelligent chimpanzee can’t make lasagna from scratch.


Only a human being like you can make homemade lasagna from scratch.


This style of thinking, this ability to strategically move forward, this is what’s allowed the human race to evolve and create so much over the past few thousand years.


We can use our neo-cortex to consciously create anything.  Literally, anything. We have the power to do that.


Think about it for a sec. As a human race we’ve built the pyramids, eradicated diseases, launched rockets into space, created the effing internet, and now everyday people are flying drones… I mean come on!? Is there anything we can’t do?


Fuck no.


Our minds are beyond brilliant.


So now I bet you’re asking yourself, okay then Alex, why are so many people in pain? If it’s so easily to consciously create our lives, why do people struggle and suffer? Why am I struggling and suffering?!


Well… along with our neo-cortex, we have another part of our brain called the limbic or emotional brain.


This part of our brain is way older than the neo-cortex and its number one goal is to keep us safe. And because it’s always trying to keep us safe, it produces a lot of fear --- especially when we step into new and unknown territory by making a change.


That’s because back in the day (aka tens of thouands of years ago) we were constantly on the lookout for predators.  Everyday was about survival. And marching into new and unknown territory was freakin’ DANGEROUS.  How did we know we weren’t about to become a hungry, scary looking reptiles version of homemade lasagna?!


Our emotional brain had to be on high alert because it was trying to keep us alive.


But while the ability to perceive danger was super helpful way back then, it tends to produce a lot of unnecessary anxiety for most of us here in 2016.


This is why people struggle to make positive change. This is why people get stuck in the same old rut, unable to transcend debt, relationship issues, income plateaus, weight loss etc…


Our emotional brain wants to keep things status quo. It doesn’t want you to change at all. So when you try and make a change, it literally freaks out, and in doing so, does everything in its power to freak you out and stop you.


How it freaks you out is unique to you. It might show up as fear of failure or self-doubt. It might show up as apathy or sadness. It might show up as excuses and limiting beliefs, complaints or blame.


It’s a crafty little bugger.


So how do we overcome our emotional brain? How do we transcend the fear-based thinking that keeps so many of us from moving forward?


We use the power of our neo-cortex to CHOOSE to move ahead.  

We consciously choose to think empowering thoughts.

We consciously choose to speak empowering words.

We consciously choose to create a life worth living.


And when we catch ourselves slipping into our emotional brain, when we find ourselves dancing with fear-based thoughts and sitting in anxiety, we choose to tap into the power of our neo-cortex and invoke an empowering thought instead.


Your whole entire life is made up of a series of tiny choices.


That’s all it is. Choices.


So the next time you’re feeling powerless, sad, angry or defeated, remind yourself that you are choosing the feel that way. And if that’s not how you want to feel, flex that neo-cortex muscle and choose again.


Choose love.

Choose happiness.

Choose joy.

Choose gratitude.


Whatever you choose, just choose wisely.


Because your choices = your life.


Just love,