Eclipse Energy: How to Make the Most Of It

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On Monday August 21st North America will experience its first Solar Eclipse since 1979. 


In astrology, eclipses are portals for intense spiritual growth. They disrupt the status quo and bring about rapid change.


And this month? Well, we’ve had both a lunar eclipse (Aug 8th) and a solar eclipse (Aug 21st).


So what’s the difference?


Lunar eclipses occur when the moon is full and they illuminate our draw our attention toward our more feminine qualities. We are often pulled inward to tend to our emotions and nurture our intuition. And feel called to shift the thoughts, patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us.


Solar eclipses, which are more rare, happen on the new moon. The new moon represents a fresh start and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Paired with the masculine energy of the sun, which is all about taking action, it’s easy to feel the energetic difference between lunar and solar eclipses.


The August 8th lunar eclipse illuminated the shadow aspects of both our individual and collective unconscious. It’s no coincidence that America has had one of its deepest and most painful wounds pulled right into the limelight last week: racism.


The Charlottesville protests took the issue of White Supremacy out of the darkness and straight into the limelight. Facing our shadows, individually and collectively, can feel scary. But we can’t change something we’re not aware of.


This solar eclipse is a powerful time to begin to double-down on taking action that moves you toward the type of life and the type of world you desire. Now that deeper truths have been illuminated within us, we need to use this wisdom to heal and create.


So spend some time processing what’s been bubbling up within you these past couple of weeks! Get clear on how you can best use the energy of the solar eclipse to propel you forward.


Here are few tips and exercises for you to explore… 



1.     Do some personal research!

Curious about with this eclipse means for you personally? Dig into your astrological chart and find out. Here are a few of my favourite starry-eyed resources to browse:


2.     Journal

Spend some time reflecting on what the past two weeks have brought up for you. What’s been triggering you? What have you been noticing?  What have you been avoiding or trying to suppress? How might you begin to integrate these aspects of yourself into your being? What do you feel inspired to create and bring forward? How might you begin to do that?


3.     Set Intentions

Solar eclipses are incredibly potent and powerful times to set clear intentions. Remember, they’re all about action and change. Get clear on the changes you’d like to manifest over the coming days, weeks, months even years and write them down.


4.     Create a Ritual

Maximize the energy of the solar eclipse by infusing it with your own personal ritual. Here are a few ideas to inspire you…

  • You can burn a list of what no longer serves you outside.
  • Bury your intentions in the ground, giving them over to Mother Nature to grow.
  • Create a crystal grid with your favourite stones
  • Read your intentions out loud before, during or after the eclipse
  • Dedicate a yoga practice to fostering you solar eclipse intentions



5.     Cleanse Your Space

The solar eclipse brings with it a new flow of energy and your space should reflect that. Bust out your favourite smudge stick or palo santo bark, spark it up and energetically cleanse your space. Physical cleaning, organizing and redecorating is also an awesome way to get some fresh vibes flowing through your digs.


Let me know how you celebrate tomorrow’s solar eclipse!


Just love,



PS: Cant’ see the eclipse from where you live? Catch NASA’s live stream here.

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