Just a Thought: Using Your Mind To Create the Life You Want


Your thoughts are everything.


An idea? It starts as a thought.

An emotion? It starts as a thought.

A decision? It starts as a thought.

A relationship? It starts as a thought.

A business? It starts as a thought.


Thought-by-thought you create your life experience.

Thought-by-thought, you can create anything.


Two years ago I had a vague dream. A burning desire to show up in the world differently. I didn’t desire a 9-5 job. I didn’t want to climb a corporate ladder. I wanted a career that inspired me and made a genuine impact in the lives of others.


I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew who I wanted to be.


I wanted to be free, creative and impactful. I wanted to be an empowering example of what is possible. I wanted to express myself. I wanted to create things. I wanted to inspire other people express themselves, to create their things, to be brave and bold.


So I set an intention and followed my intuition.


The path I’ve taken has had many twists and setbacks, but here I am. I own my own business. I’ve coached dozens of women. I write and create things daily. I am who I am, and I love who I am.


Two years was all it took for me to totally transform my life.


To go from an over-worked, confused millennial into a confident, wholehearted 26-year-old woman who knows in her bones who she is and why she’s here.


I don’t know where you’re at on your journey. I don’t know what keeps you up at night, what’s stressing you out, or what you’re secretly afraid might be true.


I honestly don’t.


But what I do know, is that you have the power to transform your life. You have the ability to show up in this world the way you want to show up. You can become that woman, deep in your heart you know you were born to be.


I promise you, it’s true.


So how do you get there? How do you shift whatever is preventing you from beaming your white, hot truth out into the world?


Your thoughts.


You see, you are an incredibly powerful human being. You possess a secret weapon, a magical device, that can make anything and everything happen: a mind.


And you can use that mind to consciously choose the thoughts you think.


When you align your thinking with the life you want to design, miracles happen.


Because, like I said up top everything starts with a thought.


So if you’ve been spending most of your time thinking you’re not good enough, or ready yet, or prepared. If you’ve been focusing on how little you have, how far behind you are or how you’ll never get there… Guess what? You’re actively creating the life you DON’T want to be living.


Butttttttt if you choose right here, right now to take responsibility for your mind, if you commit to thinking the thoughts that align with the life you want to design, phew, you are GOING PLACES.


You WILL create the life you desire most.

You WILL be inspired to take the action that will lead to the fulfilment of your dreams.

You WILL receive whatever your sweet heart longs for most.


Yes, you’re THAT powerful.


So pay attention to your mind.


Consciously choose to think the thoughts the bring you closer to the life you want to be living (not the one you don’t).


I dare you to try it.


Just a thought…


With love,