Why Busy-Bees Win: How To Create A Life Full Of Love, Abundance + Purpose.

It’s a hot July morning, three years ago, and I’m rising with the sun.

And while I wish I could say it was yoga or meditation that had me up so early — it wasn’t. I was jarred awake by the intense combination of heat, sunlight and anxiety

It’s 2013. I’m 23. I’d returned to Canada a month earlier after six months of working, backpacking and straight-chillin in Africa, Asia and Europe, the time of my life, to say the least, I was staying at my boyfriend’s newly-built home. So new, it lacked blinds and air conditioning.

When the sun triumphantly rose at 6:30 a.m. our southwest-facing bedroom filled with blinding light and heat. And, beneath the covers, just coming into consciousness, I’d start to panic. My stomach would churn with butterflies, my body would begin to sweat and my heart would drop with the aching realization that I had nothing to do today.

This was the first time in my life I had nothing to do. Everything in my life up until that summer had been planned, thought out and executed. I’d measured my life in semesters, grades, jobs, promotions and feedback. And now here I was, without a job, nothing set up, and for the first-time ever, unsure of my next move.

I was fucking freaking out.

Traveling, I’d truly made an effort to live in the moment. I’d ended a four-year relationship and was really struggling to figure out my career before I’d left. I needed space to just be, and breathe, and live, and explore. So I did. And it was wonderful, exhilarating, empowering and wild.

A wonderful new relationship manifested, the one I’m still in! But career clarity? Not so much.

Back at home, I was seriously struggling to figure out what I wanted to do and how to do it. I gave myself a month to reconnect with friends and family and settle in. But when it came and went, and I still felt lost, I began to lose confidence and faith in myself and my abilities.

The more I tried to force myself to figure it out, the foggier it all got. It wasn’t long until waking up with doom in the pit of my stomach was a regular thing.

To keep myself from dwelling in my negative emotions, I got busy.

I went for hikes, took my laptop to the coffee shop, drove to the beach, visited friends on weekends. I taught myself to cook really well, hosted dinner parties, planted a garden, had picnics. I went to yoga, made crafts, read tons of books, meditated, dove into spirituality.

I reframed and transformed my pity-party into an opportunity for radical self-growth. And that’s exactly what that summer became.

By getting busy I totally shifted my vibration. By August, I’d attracted an amazing and abundant freelance opportunity that paid my bills for almost a year and opened the door to so many other projects and discoveries.

Looking back, I’m actually sooooo grateful for this deeply painful and confusing time in my life because of the two powerful lessons it taught me.

  1. When you feel good, you get what you want.

  2. Taking tiny right actions, consistently, is what makes big things happen.

So if you’re at a place right now, where you’re feeling stuck, or lost, or scared… don’t worry. Instead, shift your focus toward giving yourself whatever it is you need to feel good in this moment.

Like attracts like, love. It’s a universal law.

Get busy doing things that make you feel good. Take walks. Get outside. Move your body. It all builds momentum. And before you know it you’re next steps will be laid bare before you and everything will make perfect sense.

Trust me on this one.

Just love,