When Life Gives You Lemons. . . Do Like Beyonce: What We Can All Learn From #LEMONADE

Sooooo I may or may not have watched Beyonce’s Lemonade five times this week. I can’t remember the last time a piece of art has moved me like Sacha Fierce’s visual symphony did.

I literally can’t stop talking about it, so naturally I’m now writing about it.

In case you haven’t caught wind of the Beyhive buzz on social media, let me catch you up to speed real quick.

Over the weekend Bey-Bey released her new visual album, Lemonade, on HBO. The fierce, hour-long spectacle dives deep into her tumultuous relationship with Jay-Z (it definitely appears he’s cheated), as well as the cultural struggles black women face around the world.

Since dropping the album Saturday, the Internet hasn’t stopped talking about it. And, well, I can’t really either. Hence, this blog.

Mixing striking imagery, spoken word poetry and her signature sassy beats, Beyonce gives us a psychic peek into the mind and heart of a woman scorned. It’s a story we’re all too familiar with in our culture: man cheats on wife, denies it, gets caught.  

But what’s different about Lemonade is that instead of being an album of spite and man-bashing, it deeply documents Beyonce’s journey towards healing and wholeness.

Raw and incredibly vulnerable, she takes us behind the veil of her life as she begins to realize her deepest fears made real, moving through each stage, beginning with intuition and ending with freedom, as she processes, expresses and ultimately heals the devastation her husband’s infidelity caused her.

And to me, that’s powerful.

When we hear stories of infidelity in our culture we naturally assume the relationship should end. Kick that bastard out!

But what Lemonade reveals is the layers and layers of complexity that exists when life gets really rough. It’s never black or white, stay or leave. Often hatred and love coexist inside the heart as it writhes and winces trying to figure out what to do next. It’s messy. Really messy.

But if you commit to the healing process, if you accept your reality and go deep within yourself to unearth and examine your pain, not only will you survive but you’ll emerge stronger and more beautiful than before -- like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

And to me, that’s what Lemonade is all about. It’s a call to action for broken women.  A call to overcome hardship and emerge from the depths of your pain empowered to love and live deeply and with more joy than you ever have before.

Destruction is a necessary part of creation.

In order to build the new, we must fall apart and shed the pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us. And this happens in the messy moments, the times when we are utterly shattered. Only then can we really get to work rebuilding, carefully crafting our life into a beautiful work of art.

So when life gives you lemons . . . do like Beyonce.

Dig in, go deep with your emotions, pull out the shadows, look at the murky bits, because every piece of devastation and destruction that dances in our lives holds within it the seed of something new and beautiful.

Dance with your darkness until you find that seed, and then share your light with the world.

Take those lemons and make the best fucking lemonade you've ever tasted. 

Nothing has the power to stifle an unstoppable soul like you. Nothing.

All of my love,



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