Tattoos + Soul Values: An Exercise in Self-Discovery

I got my first tattoo on a Monday morning.

It’s the Sanskrit word Satya, which means Truth, and it’s on my left wrist, facing me.

The inspiration for the sacred script ink first came to me when I was 19, right around the time I started meditating. Back then I wanted to get it, bad. But I was scared. Scared I was too young, that I’d regret it, that it would go out of style, or hold me back career-wise. You know, the usual things people say.

But I never stopped wanting it because Truth has always fascinated me.

As a journalist, my career was built on uncovering it. Spiritually, I’ve always been seeking it. And now as a life coach, I help women connect to it.

Fast forward to early December 2015. I’m in a bit of a funk, craving a little more spice in my life. It’s Monday morning and I’m cozying up to my MacBook and a foamy cappuccino filling out expense spreadsheets in Google docs, when the impulse to get inked struck.

I’d lightly mentioned to my boyfriend the night before that I really wanted to get my tattoo soon. Neither of us thought I was that serious.

But 12 hours later I was dead serious and intent on getting it done immediately.

How convenient that the café I was at happened to be a few doors down from a tattoo parlour. It also happened to be the only tattoo parlour in the city open on a Monday morning. A sign? I certainly took it as one.

Within 30 minutes I was sitting across from Ryan, a friendly tattoo artist with green eyes and a red-beard, making small talk about his half-filled sleeve while he dragged a pulsating needle delicately across my skin.

For the record, the pain isn’t too bad at all.

And just like that, it was done. I had my tattoo.

A reminder forever etched into my skin to live life as authentically as possible and to always speak and seek the Truth.

Truth is my most important soul value.

It was the first one I landed on while exploring values work with my coach last year. It came so naturally that I barely had to even think about it.  When she explained what values were and why they mattered, I knew intuitively and instantly that Truth was one of them.

Your values are a central part of who you are and who you want to be. They’re the guiding posts by which you live your life and the foundation upon which you create your life.

When you’re clear on what you value you can make decisions with greater ease and confidence. You know what’s important to you. You know what matters. And you know why.

You understand what’s required for you to live a joyful, happy life. And you make it happen.

My soul values, defined by me...

Truth: always being awake and in tune with my spirit, using her as a guiding light in the creation of every thought, word and action.

Love: infusing every thought, word and action with pure love. Always choosing love over fear. Remembering how loved I am daily and reminding others they too are loved.

Connection: using truth and love to pierce through ego and connect with others on a soul level; authentic communication and self-expression.

Fun: every day I’m alive should be lived to the absolute fullest. Infusing an element of adventure, spontaneity and lightness in everything I do, say and create.


So many women come to me for coaching because they’re disconnected. Some know they’re disconnected, others don’t, but are experiencing classic symptoms of disconnection like self-doubt, unhappiness, boredom, stress and anxiety about the future.

Sound like you? Maybe a little? Spend some time uncovering your soul values and defining them in your own words. I’ve got a little guidance for you below.

Knowledge is power. When you know what you’re all about and why, life takes on a magical quality. You can create the reality that best compliments your desires. You don’t get stuck so much. You become more aware. You know what you gotta do and when you gotta do it.

When you’re clear on your soul values, you can finally do what you’ve always wanted too.

Like getting your first tattoo . . . on a Monday morning.

Just Love,



Discovering Your Soul Values Exercise


1. Spend some time over the next couple days reflecting on what truly matters to you. You can journal your thoughts, meditate or casually think about it as you go about your daily life. Here are some prompts to get you thinking. . . 

  • What do I believe to be true about the world?
  • What do I believe to be true about myself?
  • What matters most to me is…
  • Above all else, I believe…
  • The point of life is…

2. When you’re ready, grab a pen and make a list of words that embody what you value most. Write down every word that comes to mind.

3. Sit with the list for awhile and pick out the 3-5 words that most deeply represent your soul values. Then, define them in your own language.

4. Keep your values close, and reconnect with them whenever you feel off balance. They’ll always bring you back to center.