What's On Your Inner Playlist???

Let me ask you something…

What are you thinking of right now?

What about this morning? What were your thoughts about?

What have you been ruminating about today? This week? This month?

What have you been obsessing about? What are you stressing over? What is the most common waking thought running through your mind these days?

Does your "inner playlist" feature hit singles like, “I’m so broke,” and “I’m not good enough.” Maybe “he’ll never love me” is on repeat along with “I’m not worth it?”

Sound like you? Yes?! Okay, I’m going to ask you to spend a minute right here, right now getting real with yourself.

ASK: What are the thoughts that are getting the most airplay inside my mind?

Take a second and write them down. On your phone? Open up a note and type ‘em out – you’ll thank me later I swear.

Here’s why it matters...

Just like music, each of your thoughts carry an energetic vibration. And each time we think a thought we send that vibration out into the universe. And that vibration attracts and draws to us an energetic vibration that matches its frequency.


If you focus on how broke you are, you will manifest more struggles with money.

If you focus on how unlovable you are, you will attract people who will struggle to love you.

If you focus on how fat you are, you will continue to struggle to lose weight.

By fixating on what you don’t like or desire or want in your life, you are actually signaling to the universe that would like these things to happen.


Are you getting that? Scroll up and re-read if you need to digest that again.

The reason I’m asking you write down what’s on your inner playlist is so that you’re crystal-clear on the toxic thoughts, limiting beliefs and low-vibe patterns that are keeping you stuck.

And now that you know what they are you are armed with a powerful tool called awareness.

Awareness, my dear, is the first step towards transformation.

Thoughts like “I’m so broke” and “I’m not good enough” are ONE-HIT-WONDERS!

They suck. Nobody wants to hear them. Including you. Because when we think them, they conjure up more low-vibe drama that quite frankly we are SO OVER.

Now that you’re aware of the one-hit-wonders that have been getting a little too much airplay in your inner playlist, you can SKIP them. You can choose to play new thoughts… better thoughts.

So every time you hear a thought like “he’ll never love me,” or “I shouldn’t eat that,” choose a new thought, an EMPOWERING thought, a thought that makes you feeeeeeeel good and is in alignment with your desires.

Because the truth is we create our life thought-by-thought, moment-by-moment. And when it comes to transforming our lives it’s the small stuff that matters.

Our life is created by the compounding effect of the tiny choices we make in each moment.

So choose, right here, right now, to believe something empowering about yourself.

Choose a thought that enlivens and invigorates your spirit.

Think brilliantly and boldly about the possibilities that exist for you in this life.

Just a thought... 😉

With so much love,