The Soul of Travel (Plus 3 Ways to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality!)

I’m writing this blog post from my favourite café in my hometown.

It’s – 25° c outside, there are snow banks up to my neck and according to the weather man, winter will not be showing mercy anytime soon, #Canada.

Two weeks ago, the cold had me straight up pissed. Every fresh snowfall had me bumbling, grumbling and whining like a toddler on a time-out. It’s honestly embarrassing how much a cold-spell can affect my mood. Like, really, embarrassing.

But, today? I could care less. I’m totally content, even grateful, for the wild winter weather. I’m living in a super zen, state-of-grace, that even the depths of a frigid Canadian frost can’t mess with.

How did this happen?

I took a trip.

Not an LSD, or magic mushroom induced hallucinogenic ride, but a vacation. A holiday.I pressed pause on my life and checked out of my bubble to dive headfirst into a totally new space and place.

And I am feeling grrrrrrreat. Like jump outta bed and click-your-heels great.

My guy and I just got back from two-weeks of adventuring through Argentina and Uruguay. It was amazing! Everything we thought it would be and more…

Sunshine. Architecture. Red wine. Espresso. Books. Long walks. Late dinners. Antique markets. Deep conversations. Delicious meals. Spanish everything. Cool people. Belly laughs. Cuddles. New ideas. Deep rest. Fresh love.

We learned so much about ourselves, each other, the world. Burning questions were answered and paved the way for new questions and projects to shine through. We got the deep rest and rejuvenation our bodies and our minds had secretly been craving. And now that we’re home, we are SO motivated to keep crushing our goals and building our life together.

I’ve always been a serious believer of the benefits of travel. At 24 I’ve visited 5 continents and 20 countries. (you can read about some of those journeys here)

I make trips happen for myself (despite being busy, broke, or kinda freaked out) because I know what it does for my soul.

 Clarity. Trust. Ambition. Focus. Freedom. Confidence.

These are just a few of the feelings my travels have cultivated in me. Things I would have NEVER been able to learn from a classroom or a part-time job in my field.

The inner desire to travel, the pull to wander, explore and seek is something I feel exists to some degree inside every young person. And there’s a reason for that.

If you feel like you need to travel, you need to travel.

Here’s why: your feelings, your desires, your passions, these are clues, guiding and leading you through life. When you honor your feelings and your desires you shift to living in sync with the universe and get closer to discovering who you really are and what you’re really meant to do in this world.

Are you longing to soak up sun and wisdom in Bali? Do you dream of climbing the peaks of Macchu Picchu? Do you dare to live amongst the locals in Paris? To explore the depths of India?

Just go. Book the trip. Make it happen.

Annnnnnd, just because I love you oh-so-much, here are three solid ways to put that wanderlustin’ dream into action.

1. Silence your limiting beliefs.

Let me guess you really want to take that trip BUT you don’t have enough money, time or freedom to make it happen. A limiting belief is a thought or an idea that we have internalized that holds us back from achieving our goals. They are super dangerous and can seriously throw us off our path. Silver lining? They’re totally bullshit. Treat your limiting beliefs like your number-one enemy and do everything you can to zap their dream-sucking power. Here’s how…

Start by acknowledging what your limiting beliefs are around travel. Is it money, time, fear or people in your life that are holding you back? Get clear on what you really believe is stopping you from taking that dream vacation.

Next, deconstruct it. Take away its power by asking yourself is this really true?  Another great question to ask yourself here is: is it impossible? Is it impossible for you to go to Bali while still paying off your student loan?  By starting to suck the power out of your limiting beliefs you begin to move from impossible toward what’s possible, and that is a powerful shift.

Finally, flip it. Take your limiting belief and make it a positive affirmation of what’s possible. If student debt is holding you back, an affirmation like: “I am financially capable of making my dream of traveling to _____ happen.” Write it down. Put it on repeat. Make it the first thing you say in the morning and before you go to bed. Soon enough that limiting belief will be replaced with a limitless belief. Affirmations are seriously powerful. Absorb them. Believe them. And the universe will SHIFT to support you. Trust me.

 Once you silence those limiting beliefs and I mean really silence them, you will tap into a wealth of resources and ideas you can’t even dream of yet, because your limiting beliefs have got you blocked.

 Example: I traveled for six months alone in 2013 with no idea how I was going to make it happen. A break-up and a realization that I no longer wanted to work in the field I studied despite JUST earning my degree, pushed me straight out the country – broke. When I conquered my limiting beliefs around what was possible, opportunities fell into my lap. Money came from jobs, scholarships and places I never would have thought to look. People I hadn’t talked to in ages began to reach out with travel tips and support. So many wonderful things manifested in my life during that time, just because I reprogrammed the way I perceived travel. Lesson? Just trust that if you want to make something happen, the universe will conspire to support you.

2. Surround yourself with what’s possible.

We all live on Facebook and know at least one cool person who’s crisscrossed the globe. Look at THEIR pictures. They made that really rad trip to Guatemala happen, they backpacked through Nepal and reached the Everest base camp and guess what, that means YOU CAN TOO.

Follow some rad, young travelers on Instagram (@theblondeabroad, @the_vista + @travelingmats are few that I love…), create a vision board of all the places you want to visit or read travel blogs.

Most of those globe trotters you admire didn’t start with a ton of money or full-blown support system, they made their travel dreams happen simply by going for them. Let them inspire you and teach you that you too are capable of going anywhere your heart desires.

The more you see, hear and experience other people living their dreams, the more real yours will seem and the faster it will happen.

3. Take a baby step.

Whether you’re overall goal is to live abroad for a year or to backpack for a few months, do one thing today to move yourself just a teeny, tiny bit closer to actually making it happen. Maybe it’s a Google search for volunteer opportunities abroad, sending a message to someone who’s traveled to find out how they made it happen, or creeping through Air BnB to find cheap apartments in Europe.

Hitting a big goal or milestone doesn’t come from one massive leap, you make things happen by taking a million little steps. So today, take one, just one tiny step towards your travel dream.

It will ignite and inspire you to keep focused on your goal, and motivate you to see that unattainable trip as something that can totally happen. You’ll be packing your bags before you know it!

 Are you a traveller? How did you make your big trip happen?

Share your wisdom in the comments below!


XO Alex