The Secret Formula to Being Unstoppable

So you want to be unstoppable?

You want what it takes to be the girl who always comes out on top, the one who’s impossible to stop, the unbeatable warrior of success.

Well, honey you’re in the right place. I’ve got the secret sauce recipe for transforming yourself into an unstoppable force for good – and its super simple.

 You ready for it? Here it is…

Heart + soul = unstoppable.

Yep, that’s all. Good old-fashioned heart and soul. That’s all it really takes to champion everything and anything you do in your life. Easy right?

I can trace every success or failure in my life back to heart and soul. Every. Single. One. Let me explain…

Back in university when I was a third year journalism student I applied for a prestigious internship at a big newspaper. Tons of students in my program applied. There were four spots that almost always went to fourth year and master’s students. Despite being in third year, I really wanted the job. I spent hours on my application. I built an online portfolio showcasing my digital work, wrote and rewrote my cover letter over a dozen times and even took two buses in the dead of winter to drop it off in-person because I wanted to make sure it got there.

I may not have had as much experience as the other applicants, but I poured everything I had into that application, and it paid off. I got an interview. Then landed the job. At 21, I was the youngest reporter in the newsroom that summer. I hustled hard and learned a ton.

Fast-forward two years to 23-year-old Alex. I had just returned home from six months of world travel and was trying to figure out what to do next. While I was pretty sure daily journalism was not it, it felt like the only jobs I could apply for were reporting roles. So, I applied for another prestigious job at a big Canadian newspaper. I had way more experience than I did two years before having worked for a number of media organizations in Canada and abroad, so I thought I would be a sure-bet hire. I put my whole application together in one morning. I blasted through my cover letter, quickly whipped up a portfolio and hustled over to FedEx to send that baby off. It was last minute and I was stressed out the whole time. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted the job.

And you know what? I didn’t even get a call.

It surprised me at the time, but now it doesn’t. It makes perfect sense.

Results come from the energy we infuse into what we do.

I poured everything I had into my first application and nothing at all into the second one. And, even though resume number two probably looked a lot more impressive, it didn’t get me anywhere because my heart wasn’t in it.

Sometimes life hands us mediocrity and it’s through heart and soul that we transform that mediocrity into something amazing. For example, you might not be stoked about a project your boss asks you to work on, but if you care about your job, you should pour your whole heart and soul into it anyways.

I did this all the time as a journalist. Sometimes the stories I was assigned were not my cup of tea, but I always gave them 110% because my career really mattered to me. I cared about the newspaper I worked for and I really wanted to support my colleagues and impress my editors.

If you can’t pour your whole heart and soul into something, than it’s probably not what you should be doing anyway. Seriously.

Take it as a sign you’re not on your path and spend some time getting clear on where you’d rather be. Don’t’ worry! Often it’s through figuring out what we don’t like that we discover what we love.

Want to practice being unstoppable? Try out a few of the challenge ideas below. Bonus points if you let me know how your experiment went in the comments below!

Unstoppable Challenge

  • Cook a meal for yourself from scratch and really put your heart and soul into it. Find a recipe that excites you. Set aside a few hours to dedicate to the kitchen. Really be present during the cooking process and try your absolute best. Invite some friends over. Bust out the wine. Now, how does it taste? I bet amazing!
  • Next time you’re working out really pour your heart and soul into it. If you’re in a yoga class, practice being totally present on your mat. Really focus on each and every move. If you’re going for a run or at the gym, resist the urge to check your phone and try to give everything you’ve got right up until the last minute. I bet your results will be stellar.
  • When you’re hanging with friends, family or co-workers this week, pour your heart and soul into your interactions. Listen carefully to every word they say. What do you notice? Take your time responding. Really try to create a wonderful conversation. I bet your connections will deepen.

With so much love,