How To Cleanse Your Mind + Create Space for Growth

Mother Nature’s transition from winter to summer is always a hot mess here in Ontario. Dirty snow. Slush. Mud. Coffee coloured puddles. Sidewalks blemished with wet garbage. Piles of soggy leaves.

Early spring is definitely not easy on the eyes.

But there’s still something so beautiful about this time of year.

Spring is a season of cleansing. It’s about washing away the old and creating space for the new.  Shedding what no longer serves us, then filling ourselves up with what we need to grow. It’s ugly and messy and (at times) hard to trudge through the junk we’ve accumulated all winter, but it’s necessary.

Just like nature, we are reborn in the spring. It’s a time of freedom and liberation.
We get to shake off bad habits, throw away clutter and kiss what we no longer need goodbye.

This week I’m focusing on clearing physical and mental space, so I can make room for abundance, inspiration and love in my life.

At home, I’m combing through cupboards, tearing my closets apart and giving away anything and everything I can.

In my head, I’m paying attention to my thoughts and letting go of any negative or limiting beliefs.

The only way to invite beautiful things into your life is to create space for them. How do I know this? Experience. Let me a share a short story…

A few months ago I was freaking out about money. I quit a stable, full-time job last year to follow my heart and start my own life coaching business. My mind, body and spirit told me it was the right move, but my ego was terrified. I invested in coach training, books and programs that filled me up, but drained my bank account. Things reached a very stressful peak this winter. Being a bit of a metaphysical nerd, I spent an evening surfing some of my favourite teachers on YouTube, when I discovered an interview with money guru Kate Northrup.

“You’ve got create space for abundance to show up in your life,” she said.

Hmmmmm. I opened my wallet. It was crammed full of old receipts, crumpled bills and rewards cards I hadn’t used in yeaaaaars. So, I cleaned it out. Tossed the receipts, unfolded the few small bills I had and lined them up neatly. I even popped a small raw citrine stone in my change pouch. Citrine is a crystal known for drawing in prosperity and abundance. I felt a bit better.
Next, I moved onto my purse. I dumped the contents onto the ground and deliberately sorted through them. Old gum, broken pens and pamphlets I’d picked up months ago got the ol’ heave-ho. I shook the crumbs out the bottom then intentionally selected the few items I wanted to carry around with me. I was feeling good.

Finally, I tackled my office. It’s my workspace, where magic happens and money is made. But, when I looked around, it was a chaotic mess. Papers all over my desk, old tea mugs piling up (I know, so gross), and a closet full of clutter. I went through everything, neatly organized and filed all of my paperwork, threw out a ton of junk, and washed my desk. Then I neatly arranged a few meaningful items on my desk: a framed vision for my business, a tiny Buddha statue, a fluorite crystal ball and a candle. I took a deep breath and felt way better.

I’d finally cleaned up my messy money act and created space for abundance to flow into my life. And you know what? It did.

I filled my workshop spaces, attracted more clients, got paid for a speaking gig, was offered a more attractive credit card (that came with a free flight) and even got a mysterious $650 deposited in my bank from a tax refund that was totally unexpected.

Best part? I no longer feel desperate and freaked out by a lack of money. I truly feel abundant and in control of my finances.

If you want to attract anything into your life, you’ve got to create mental and physical space for it.


Out with the old…
First step to creating space is to get rid of what you no longer need. Go through everything, and I mean everything. The closet, your car, your fridge, the basement, the garage, EVERYWHERE. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn, used and looked at over the last year. Donate as much as you can, toss the rest.

Clean it up
Next, it’s time to scrub, vacuum, polish and wash. Get down and dirty and cleanse your space. Put your heart and soul into cleaning it up. I like to listen to inspiration podcasts or watch motivation TED Talks and interviews on YouTube while I clean. It makes the process more enjoyable and keeps me in a high vibe state.

….in with the new
Intentionally create a beautiful space by selecting objects, clothes and items that are meaningful to you. Ask yourself: how do I want to feel when I walk into my home, office, car or bedroom? Design your space in alignment with how you want to feel while you’re in it. If you want to feel relaxed, maybe add some luxurious candles. Inspired? Bring in some beautiful art. Connected? Fill your space with photos of family and friends. Don’t underestimate the power of your physical space. Fill it with the things you love the most and you’ll begin to feel the way you want to feel.


Get clear on what’s going on between the ears…
Our mind can be a wild place. What we think, we create. That means our thoughts literally are our best friends or our worst enemies. Becoming aware of what we’re thinking is the first step to cleaning up our mind. Start to notice your thoughts. Are you being kind to yourself? Are you complaining? Do your thoughts lift you up or bring you down? To get really clear on what’s going on between your ears, ask yourself this question as often as you can: what is my most common waking thought? Pay attention to your answers.

Letting go
Through practising awareness you should begin to realize that some (or a lot) of your thoughts aren’t so positive. We’ve got to let these guys go. They’re sabotaging your success and doing nothing for you. Ask yourself: what negative thoughts and beliefs am I hanging onto that do not serve me? Write them down. Unleash all of that negative self-talk onto a piece of paper. Pour every last word out. And when you’re done, burn them. Light them on fire – actually. Remember, we’re creating space. The last thing you need are pages full of self-sabotage lingering around the house. Turn those negative thoughts into dust. Say goodbye to them, forever.

Put positivity on repeat
Now it’s time to invite those good vibrations into your life. The best way to do this? Putting positivity on repeat. Create an affirmation or mantra for yourself that is in alignment with what you’re trying to bring forth in your life and get in the habit of repeating it over and over again. I always snap pics of my mantra and save it as the background on my laptop and iPhone, that way every time I open my computer or check my phone (which is A LOT) I am reminded of my positive affirmation. Stumped for a mantra? Here are a few to get you started…

I am worthy of a positive cash flow
I am beautiful, inside and out
I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to
My intuition guides me always
I am creative and inspired to share my gifts with others
Peace is available to me always
I surrender what doesn’t serve me
I am full of love and surrounded by love

Now, tell me, which of these spring cleaning tips resonates with you the most? What actions are you taking this week to clear space mentally and physically?
Comment below and let me know. And, if you know someone who would benefit from a little spring cleaning, send them this blog post and help them out!

With so much love,