Celebrating The Success of Right NOW

What do you do when you hit it big? When something you’ve been working on finally comes together? Or when an amazing opportunity sneaks up out-of-the-blue?

Take a second. Think about it.

Do you celebrate? Call your mom, your closest friends? Throw yourself a party?

Or do you keep the good news to yourself? Freaked that if you tell too many people you’ll jinx it?

I’m asking because this week a huge light bulb went off for me. A massive eureka. A crazy shift.

It happened Monday morning. I was on a call with my coach, Jacki Carr (throwing her a plug because she is amazing) and we were talking about an exciting new opportunity that’s manifested in my business.

As I was sharing the awesome news with her, something super weird happened.

I became timid, my booming voice hushed to almost a whisper, the words I chose totally down played the epic-ness of the opportunity. I shifted into fear. My ego brain took over.

Because the deal wasn’t final, I thought somehow my excitement and celebration would jinx it. That my optimism and enthusiasm would cast a curse over everything I’d been working toward.

Like the badass coach she is, Jacki called me out.

She built me up. Put everything into perspective. Validated that this was in fact amazing news and that I should really be celebrating, not hiding it.

In my core I could feel she was right. And as I let the impact of that realization hit me, I became aware of how my lack of celebration has been totally sabotaging my success.

Here’s the truth: there is always something to celebrate.

Highlighting the small wins is important. Shining light on our little victories makes us stronger. Celebrating the tiny steps helps us make it to the finish line on top.

Even during dark times, there can be celebration. We can celebrate the lessons we are learning, the people we are growing into, the deeper connections we are fostering with our inner self as a result of our pain.

Life itself, the fact that you are a living, breathing human being, is something to celebrate.

When this light bulb went off, I could see immediately how I had been my own worst enemy.

By refusing to celebrate my success, I was stifling my energy. Casting a shadow over my inner light. I was playing small.

And nothing great ever comes from playing small.

My mantra this summer is to celebrate the success of right NOW.

To stop looking ahead to where I want to go and instead to focus on the totally awesome shit going on around me — because there is SO much of it.

I am challenging you to do the same thing.

Celebrate the genuinely amazing gift that is YOUR life in this exact moment.

Celebrate the little moments.

Celebrate whatever has you feeing good today.

Celebrate the people you can’t live without.

Celebrate taking the first step.

Celebrate dancing across the finish line.

Celebrate the milestones.

Celebrate the hard work.

Celebrate the day off.

Celebrate the tough stuff.

Celebrate being alive.

Celebrate the success of right NOW.

Words truly are power. Let me know in the comments below one thing you are celebrating today!

With SO much love + celebration,