21 Audacious + Creative Ways to LOVE YOURSELF

Photo by @theblondeabroad. 

Photo by @theblondeabroad

Self-love has been on my mind BIG time lately.

You know when you’re thinking about something and then all of sudden everywhere you look see it. Like the universe is shoving serious reminders in your face?!

That’s been happening to me allllll month.

Every time I creep Instagram someone is posting about self-love. The last three books I read all praised the importance of loving yourself. I had a heart-to-heart with my best friend last weekend about it. And one of the women in my virtual workshop spoke at length this week about her struggle to make self-love a priority.

As a person who believes in signs, I know this is no coincidence.

Personally, I’ve struggled with self-love my whole life. Poor body image and the need to be in a relationship were the biggest issues for me, especially during my teens.

While thankfully I’ve dealt with those, I still find myself falling down the “I suck” rabbit hole at 25. I’m quick to get down on myself when I don’t hit a goal or when something doesn’t go as planned.

And I know I’m not alone. I think self-love is something we all struggle with.

For whatever reason… we don’t think we’re worthy enough. We feel like it’s more spiritual to put other people first. We make excuses. We find it too hard.

But here’s the reality check: nobody will love you as much as you love yourself, and, the more fill yourself up with love the more love you have to give to other people.

Make loving yourself a priority this summer. Butter yourself right up so you can evolve into the glorious goddess you were born to be!

A few ideas to get you started…

21 Audacious + Creative Ways to Love Yourself 


  1. Cook yourself a meal from scratch, just because, and top it off with a glass of fine wine.
  2. Write yourself a love note – make it detailed – and stick it on your mirror as a reminder of how glorious you are.
  3. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs (or use mine), put in your headphones and take a long, refreshing walk.
  4. Get all dolled up (hello red lipstick!) and head to your neighbourhood’s coziest café to spend an afternoon getting lost in a book.
  5. Treat yourself to some luxurious new lingerie.
  6. Pamper yourself with a DIY spa day. Whip up some salt scrubs, bust out the coconut oil and run a long hot bath. Or splurge and head to a real spa for the day.
  7. Book a soul vacation for one.
  8. Spend an afternoon writing down all of the amazing things you’ve done this year, than use that positive energy to write down a list of fresh goals and intentions.
  9. Watch a YouTube tutorial and spend an hour creating the most glorious hairstyle ever.
  10. Go to the beach, or an equally gorgeous spot, just to watch the sunset.
  11. Try a cool new fitness, dance or yoga class.
  12. Express yourself creatively. Write a poem, paint, sing, dance, garden. Doesn’t matter the creative outlet you choose, so long as it makes your soul feel good.
  13. Dress your absolute freakin’ best, no matter what you’re doing today!
  14. Get your nails done and your hair did.
  15. Curl up in bed and watch reruns of all your fave old TV shows and rom-coms on Netflix.
  16. Step into your favourite shoes and strut on over to a museum or art gallery like the classy bey you are.
  17. Buy yourself a beautiful new notebook and a set of gorgeous pens. Write down your dreams.
  18. Creep Pinterest and find a quote or mantra that speaks to you, then set it as your cell phone or desktop background as a reminder to keep it real.
  19. Make a vision board.
  20. Write yourself an email listing at least a dozen of your top qualities. Send it to yourself and open it when workdays get tough.
  21. Be shameless and snap some sexy selfies. You’re hot and you know it.


How do you shower yourself with love?! Let me know in the comments below.


With so much love,