I believe that deep within, we always hold the answer. My coaching style centers around connecting you to your own intuition and teaching you how to keep this connection strong, so that you’re always tuned into what your mind, body + spirit needs.

I believe authentic conversations can lead to the greatest discoveries. Coaching calls with me are a safe space for you to express what’s really going on (laughs and tears are always welcome) so that you always leave with what you need -- kind of like talking to a best friend who’s always got your back.

I believe our experiences (especially the tough ones) are our greatest teachers. So expect to learn lots of lessons from your own ups and downs.

I believe in showing up for yourself and others. Accountability, taking action and staying true to yourself and your word are vital to your success.

I believe in celebration -- always. Sharing your wins, looking under the hood to understand why and how you made it and rewarding yourself for a job well done, all builds momentum empowering you to even greater heights.

I truly don’t know how I could have made some major decisions and changes at this point in my life without the style of coaching and positive energy that Alex has given me. She has made my life lighter and I look forward to our future progress together.
— Chelsey Helberg, Artist, Italy